About Us

We are one of the leading stud farms in that breed the strong and healthy racing Thoroughbreds. Our geographical location ensures tranquil surroundings with plenty of water. It is the perfect location for training and breeding of thoroughbred horses. Our farm spreads over 350 hectares with paddocks built on soil that is loaded with nutrients, one of the most prolific sources of Lucerne. Our Management team regularly implements new training and management techniques. We are a team of individuals committed and enthusiastic towards racehorse business. We offer professional horse services to thoroughbred horse owners that comprise of:

Race Training

Direct Racing


Seasonal Boarding

Direct Stud Sales

We gladly welcome visitors on our stud farm, and all guests can be ensured of a gracious welcome and enjoyable experience.

Facilities on the Stud Farm:

Our Stud Farm offers a complete training and breeding facility explicitly for thoroughbred horses. We have particularly large spacious stables inside the insulated barns. The barns have hot water washstands with spacious tack rooms. We offer mares comfortably large fixed stalls and attend to their personal feeding needs. Our care facilities also include scheduled vaccinations, a chosen farrier for hooves maintenance and special reproductive care. The stud farms management team resides on the farm premises permanently. We have excellent security facilities that also offer an experienced staff for night watch in order to ensure the safety of all the horses.

Variety of breeding paddocks ideal for young horses and broodmares. Small nursery enclosures for new-born foals and the mares, while large paddocks for mares and yearlings to stretch and graze.

Our latest addition to the stud farm, our Racing yard, includes 64 stables, 1200 sprinting track, 2500 meters training track, and a racing office including boardroom amenities.

Breeding Services on the farm:

 We provide top class thoroughbred horses to the racing industry. We are working continuously to improve our thoroughbred broodmare band and strive to have sires who meet the below criteria:

Performance: Stallions that are Group 1 winners.

Pedigree: Stallions with exceptional pedigree and

Presence: Stallions with outstanding looks and characteristics.

We offer our clients an excellent choice to select one of our certified broodmares and stallion that is available for the upcoming season. We manage everything else. We oversee the covering, vet checks, maintenance of the mare, manage all the medicines, imprinting of the foals, continuous foal watching, manage the foals daily training and weaning. You can pick up your tailor-made horse when the foal is 6 months old. We also offer services to board the horse after 6 months until they are ready to go through our training programs.



Why choose us?

Huge foaling stables for pregnant mares.

Three working grounds including Race and trotting tracks and lighted dressing and jumping arenas.

The horses are turned out for 7 to 8 hours during the day on huge meadows, usually segregated based on gender into small intimate groups.

The horses are examined by our modern clinics that have digital scanning devices.

Approximately 200 hectares of grazing facility.

34 breeding stables and 8 foaling boxes.

How do you pick up a horse to bet on?

Many ways are followed by better to picks a winning horse. Some of the betters just see the past performance of the horse and choose the horse to bet on. The others just watch the horses before the race and pick the horse that they feel looks best. These betters are known as physical handicappers.