Favorite Horse

How To Choose And Bet On Your Favorite Horse

Following and betting on horses is something that has been followed as an age-old tradition. If you, however, are just a beginner then you would need some information to go betting on horses.

How do you pick up a horse to bet on?

Many ways are followed by better to picks a winning horse. Some of the betters just see the past performance of the horse and choose the horse to bet on. The others just watch the horses before the race and pick the horse that they feel looks best. These betters are known as physical handicappers. Some betters may play pedigree and others could have their own criteria to choose the horses to bet on. Some would also spend a lot of time to compile the speed and figure out the pace of the horse before they bet on one. Whichever method the better chooses to pick up his horse, there is definitely some strategy involved. There are also many websites that will give you data on the horses. Some of the data will be offered for free while some data could be charged. Scratches, entries, changes and the result charges are mostly free to access. Past performance of the horse, clocker reports, and pedigree data normally are chargeable.

The data website

Most of these websites are like a bible for the betters. The website is used to find out the past, performance of the horse. You can go through them to see what it contains and understand if this is the way for you to pick up your horse and if the information is required by you. Horse racing is a sport that sells a lot of information to the betters. These include data programs, pedigree analysis, tip sheets, stages to bet etc. Not all the information available is of use and some may just be fluff. If you are a beginner then go slow. Start with a form and read it completely. When you start betting on more games you will slowly realize which data is useful and which is not. You will understand for yourself which information makes money for you and which a waste of money is.

Reading the form

Learning how to read the form is the initial step to handicap a horse race. While you progress with the game there will be other ways in which you will learn how to read other data and make use of them instead of just depending on the past performance of the horse. But this is a good start to know how to read a form. The companies that will be selling the past performance of the racehorses will have a “How To” section. This is a section that guides and explains to you what the symbols in the forms mean. You will also be guided on how to read the numbers. It can get really confusing to read the format first if you are not aware of what the symbols and the numbers mentioned in the form mean. But once you know what they are it can let you gather some useful information and be of great help. When you learn the way to read a racing form you will understand the basic handicapping pillars. These are four of them namely speed, the pace, form, and the class.

Speed means the speed of the horse and how fast is the horse running the race

Pace signifies the speed of the horse at different race points

Form denotes the horse’s current condition and how it has performed in the last races

Class is the competition level that the horse has been able to compete against in the last few races

The past performance of the horse will give you data about these four points which is known as the handicapping pillars. This helps the better to take a clue and how he should place the bet and on which horse. Learning ways to read the form is not very difficult and you can learn as well as perfect it with time. Once you understand what this data actually means then this will let you decide for yourself how much weight you want to give to some factors and how it can help you to place a wager. You will start to find out your own handicapping style and this is when you will start to experience the true fun of the game. This is when you will be able to form your own theories and make your own conclusions to know how to pick up the winners.

Now you can watch the race without leaving home

If you would like to watch the race from your home then you can either stream is live using an internet connection or you can watch the match on TV. Search for the racing channels that broadcast the live feeds from the horse racing tracks and you get to know of the handicap races all throughout the day. Internet is another medium where you can get to see the live streaming of the horse races all through the day. Some also provide the streaming for free. There are also many wagering websites available for the members who are registered.

How can you bet on a horse?

Watching the race of the horse is great but the real thrill lies in betting. You bet on your favorite horse and watch with bated breath as you see your horse win (or lose?). You can wage on your favorite horse even if you do not want to drive to the horse track.  There are many websites that allow you to place a wage through their website. You need to check out the facilities of the site before you start to bet through them. Some would prefer free streaming, others could charge you a monthly fee or you may be asked for a fee on every bet that you place. Some would also give you some rebates based on your betting amount. So go through all the requirements and rules before you decide to bet through a company. Do your homework before you start betting. Learn the betting terminologies and the lingos as well as the wager types and start to bet and make money on your favorite horse.