Racing And Thorough Bred

Thorough bred is a type of horse breed which is mainly used for racing. The thoroughbred is also used to signify all types of the breed which are of a purebred type. The thoroughbred horses are also called as “hot-blooded” horses because of its speed. Usually, the horse runs so fast and the thoroughbred horses are mainly used in racing because of its speed and spirit. The thoroughbred horses were developed in England and it was developed by crossbreeding the native horses with the imported horses.

In 18 and 19th centuries, there became many thoroughbred horses and they were imported to North America. These are not only used for racing but also used in show jumping, polo and fox hunting. The thoroughbred horses are being crossbred with some other breed horses to produce many Anglo Indian and Quarter horses. Thoroughbred horses due to its high speed will get many injuries mainly bleeding from the lungs and low fertility to breed more horses. The racers will never think about the health issues of the thoroughbred horses, they will only wish to get more money. The people who put money on the horses should also try to take care of the horses.


Mostly the thoroughbred horses will be brown or dark bay in color. The face and the lower legs will be in white colors and some horses in the United States will have different colors. We can identify the perfect thoroughbred horses which are very good for racing by its body fitness. It will have a slim body with very long legs so that it can run fast and reach the milestone. The racers will never give the original age of the thoroughbred horses because the age matters a lot and the aged thoroughbred horses cannot compete with the less aged horses. So, the racers will give an artificial age.

Horse breeding:

Horse breeding is generally done to produce any numbers of horses. A horse can be crossbred with any type of other horses. Planned breeding is done to produce the specific type of horses. The male parent of a horse is generally called a Stallion and it is also known as Sire. The female parent of a horse is called a Mare and it is also known as Dam. The young male horse is called a colt and the young female horse is called the filly.

Estrous cycle:

The estrous cycle is the period of ovulation which will be very useful for the mare to have sexual receptive with the stallion and will make the mare to prepare for its conception. Generally, the mares and stallions will have sex only in spring and summer seasons. The estrous cycle will be around 19-22 days. This cycle has two phases. Let us discuss it below

Estrus or follicular phase

Diestrus or luteal phase

In this phase, the hormone named estrogen will be generated in the mare and it will get secreted in the follicle and the ovulation will take place in the next two days.

In this phase, the mare will not have sexual receptive with the stallion and the progesterone will start secreting and the ovulation will never take place.


The changes of hormone levels will definitely make some effects on the reproductive system of the mare same as the women.

Uterus: The uterus will become heavier when the estrogen hormone starts secreting in the follicle.

Cervix: The cervix will attain maximum relaxation at the time of ovulation. The progesterone will close the uterus and it will become toned.

Vagina: when the secretions increase, the vagina will start relaxing.

Vulva: it will get relaxed during the first phase and it will become dry and it will start closing during the second phase.

Gestation period:

Gestation happens to all the animals as same as the human beings and only the period of gestation varies. The mares have a gestation period of around eleven months or 340 days. The mare will have the same pain during delivery.

Labour time of the mare:

When the mare is going to get delivered to its baby, it will be in a very tired state. There are many indications that the mare is having the labor pain and ready for delivery. The mare will be sweating a lot and its udder will get enlarged. Milk flow will be very high as it is ready for delivery. It will feel very restless and tired.

Care of the pregnant mare:

The mares need much care during their gestation period and it has to take some nutritious food to deliver the baby horses. The mares should be taken care well during and after pregnancy because the uterus will get enlarged while delivering a baby and the uterus has to come back to its original size and it will be possible only when it has a good care over them.

Betting on a horse:

Betting on a horse is a common practice still going on in many horse racing places. They will bet some huge amount on a horse and if it wins the bulk prize amount will be handed over to the betted person. Horse racing is strictly avoided in many places as the horses were hurting by the people to make it run fast. So the horses feel very tired and some horses will even get many injuries and wounds. The people here in horse betting start losing a lot of money and get addicted to it. So they are becoming much stressed and pressurized. The people should play like a game an should never feel bad for the lost. They should not get addicted to the gameplay and the bet money.

Horse racing:

Horse racing means the people will put money on some horses and if it wins, the people will get jackpot money as the prize. So, the people have to choose the horse in a wise manner so that they will not lose money. The horse racing is an addiction because once we win it, we will do it again and again and it will automatically become an addict. This will create a lot of mental pressure and stress and it even leads to many disorders.