Successful Stallion

All It Takes To Raise A Successful Stallion!

Having a stallion, raising one successful stallion and becoming a proud owner of it has been many people dreams. It’s every riders dream, every horse rider would love to own a black beast that runs like hell and brings accolades like no other! Having a black beauty is really worthy, but is it suitable for all? The question can be answered if you read the post below, about raising a stallion. All belong to the same category horses, but how you rear and breed them, take care of them and discipline them is what makes them a stallion!! Well, yes you need to teach them as soon as they get into the colt, out of their foal stage.  Nothing works, just like that!! A mare or a filly, a colt can’t become a stallion, without instructing it the way you are looking at it. you need a lot of lessons and teach the same to the colt to make it understand and become a successful breed of a stallion. You also need to keep in mind that you are bringing up the horse in lonely, that will bring up its own complications and be ready to tackle them. you can also have an option of making friends in the stud school and take your horse to mingle and social well, so that it learns socializing behavior.

Selecting the right stallions your preferred candidate:

So, here is the first point in raising a stallion, that you pick the right one at the beginning itself. You can’t pick a horse just like that, by its looks and physical appearance. There will be many necessities that you geld the stallion to become the one to fulfill your dreams and wishes.

Here are few tips and factors in choosing the stallion:

Yes, though it isn’t all!! But, this is also a factor to take you closer to the dream. Choose the horse based on your personality too, if you are tall enough to sit upon the horse and take a ride, then choose the highest pony that will jump higher and leap bigger. This will please the crowd at the first sight without you needing to do anything to attract more eyes to your pair. Also, when you are looking to take part in the race, its imperative that you choose the horse that has the capability to leap and jump higher, that is genetically imbibed.

Breed suitability:

Define the purpose for this buy that you are making, why do you want a stallion, to run in the race or any other shows, or to just keep it as a pet? This decision at the right time will help you in choosing the better breed that suits your purpose and fits the bill. There are few breeds that are special in running the race, their genes support their activity and they are by birth a great racer, if gelded well they will become your asset. The confirmation of the horse also plays a vital role in making them a right or wrong choice for a purpose. The horse with broad shoulders or a high neck become the best companion. So, do your research work on the breed that you are looking at, the features in them and its genetics a little.

Match the personality:

As we said earlier too, that buy a horse that matches your personality. There are few horses who always burst out of energy, always filled with zeal, on the other hand, there are few which are lazy and you need to push it every time and every while. They are just like us, we don’t mingle with all, we only have friends who gel well with our thoughts and our mind, so are the horses. Buy a horse that matches with your attitude and style, if you are always pouring with energy, then you can buy one of your types. Finally, it’s your money, you are investing in a huge animal to gain out of it, so invest wise, after doing all your homework. After choosing the stallion, now comes your responsibility of preparing it the way you want. Well, it doesn’t mean that you let it be as it is!! you need to discipline them, read on about the ways and horse mind to be tamed. There are horses that can be aggressive, adamant and refuse to budge. The stallion can scare and give a potential threat to its mate. The stallion could spoil your physical appearance and damage you.

Read how to discipline them:

The discipline strategy method should begin at birth. Learn to build a bond with your stallion. Don’t be ruthless in your way, although you can figure out a way to tame them beating and thrashing always isn’t the way. Treat your horse with lots of respect and compassion. Listen to the animal carefully, take care of every action that it does new. At every stage they are different, an adolescent behavior is different and needs a little different strategy. Playful upbringing is only during the initial stages of you bringing them home make it a point to stop the wrong behavior every time they do, correct them with the good behavior. Talk to them in the sheds and stud school. They need to be given exercises and activities to be disciplined. They need companions, of their own category to mingle and have fun. So, if you are an alone caretaker, please make some time and take them to the stud school and help your stallion to get a companion. Stallions are not just for races and breeding, they also have their own desires as a nature of birth. Try to understand them and inculcate good habits right at the moment they do wrong. Don’t let them go with the wrong habit, that will become a permanent one.

Breeding ways:

Every horse is different and the ones that behaved well in the school will never behave well in the breeding shed and needn’t be!! The hormones play a vital role in it, and the caretaker should understand and help it tame the behavior better. Take good care and follow hygiene for both mare and stallion, to help them mate without any health consequences. Do some pre-breeding rituals that help the stallion behave better at the breeding ground.